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Is your last name FARRANCE?

That's great, my last name is Farrance too, coincidence?  I don't think so.  There are not a lot of us (Farrances) in the world and we are probably related somewhere back there in time.  I get e-mails from 1 or 2 Farrances every 2 or 3 months - and I keep them all.

Why instead of 
Because some guy in England whose last name isn't even Farrance snagged it about a week before I tried to get it back in early 2000. might work out better anyhow.

What are the plans for
Wow, you guys ask good questions!  I am not completely sure yet, but I am thinking of sharing it with people named Farrance who want to use it for personal stuff.  Suppose your name were Claire Farrance... you could have a free personal web site at  Cool?  To some people.

I have also enabled free e-mail forwarding for a small fee to family members.  For example, my brother's name is Jeff and he now has as his e-mail address.  It just forwards to his regular e-mail.  Though no one is using it, I also have the ability to do a fully POP3 e-mail account if anyone is interested.

So is this a business?
Nope, I have no intention of making money at this.  I am simply sharing and if something you would like to do in relation to the use of the appeals to you, I am just passing on any additional costs (which are very minor, often negligible).  So far, the most I charged anyone was $30 a year.

Other ideas?  Want to know more?  Contact me via e-mail!

A Tiny List of Web Sites of People Named Farrance

Champaign, IL, USA

Rayleigh, Essex, England